Stop Australian Beef Imports to Indonesia

Australian Government's decision to stop the export of live sheep for six months was welcomed representatives in the House of Representatives Commission IV. They hope the government can use this momentum to the development of local cattle.
member of the House of Representatives Commission IV, Ibn Multazam. He considered that Australia's decision is a boon because it gives an opportunity for domestic cattle ranchers meet the domestic market. "So people need not fear losing beef," he said.

Minister of Agriculture, Suswono pleaded not pause to question if Australian beef exports to Indonesia. "That's right Australia," he said.

But, he deplored the attitude of Australia which hurriedly established a policy termination live cattle exports. In fact, there is no evidence that Indonesia was violating the standards of animal welfare NGOs such as allegations of Australia. NGOs pointed to Indonesia did not want to treat animals properly slaughtered while in slaughterhouses.

Suswono will perform verification of a slaughterhouse cow in Indonesia. he said "We invited four experts in Australia and four experts from Indonesia,"
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